សមាជិកថ្មី ដាក់ប្រាក់ $3 ថែម $5


ចែកប្រាក់រង្វាន់ $5


ចែកប្រាក់រង្វាន់ $6


សមាជិកថ្មី ប្រាក់រង្វាន់ 100%


ប្រម៉ូសិនថ្ងៃសៅរ៍អាទិត្យមានហ្វ្រីជូនរហូតដល់ 10$


ចែកប្រាក់រង្វាន់ $5


សមាជិកថ្មី ប្រាក់រង្វាន់ 100%


ចែកប្រាក់រង្វាន់ $5


សមាជិកថ្មី ដាក់ប្រាក់ $3 ថែម $5


ចែកប្រាក់រង្វាន់ $6

Vina24H: Online Platform for Lottery Results and Lottery Statistics

Vina24h lottery is one of the most lucrative games! It is a form of gambling in which you need to select random numbers. If the numbers appear in a lucky draw, you will win the prize.

This game is very simple and easy to play. In most Asian countries, there are national and state lotteries. These lottery games are organized by the government.

One such type of popular lottery is the Vietnam lottery. As Vietnam is a third world country, there are restrictions on gambling. Locals cannot participate in gambling games and lotteries. Only foreigners are allowed to do so. 

However, there are state-owned lotteries that are available for the locals. They can legally play these lottery games. Apart from Vietnamese people, many Cambodians also participate in Vietnamese lotteries.

If you are in Cambodia and want to participate in these lotteries or check the lottery results, you can access Vina 24 hours lottery site. Here, you will be able to check live lottery results for all types of Vietnamese lotteries as well as gain access to lottery statistics and predictions.


What is Vina24H?

Vina42H lottery is a great online lottery syndicate website that people from Cambodia can use. This website gives you access to the lottery games all around Vietnam in one place. You can check the nationwide lottery results at this online platform. You will be able to check live results as well.

Vietnam lotteries have three main branches, i.e. Southern Lottery Council, Central Lottery Council and Northern Lottery Council. The Southern council takes care of these three lotteries, i.e. Lottery Vung Tao, Ben Tre Lottery and Lottery Lieu.

The Central Council takes care of these two lotteries, i.e. Quang Nam Lotteries and Dak Lak Lotteries. The Norther Council takes care of Quang Ninh Lotteries. 

Different branches operate different types of lotteries. But at ww Vina 24H, you can check results for all the lotteries operated by these three councils. Apart from these lotteries, you can check results for the Vina 24H com Soc Trang lottery. Soc Trang is a very popular city in Vietnam where lotteries are available.

You can search by city or province. Once you have chosen the city or region, you can get access to the lottery game results on a daily basis. Moreover, you can also check the results by date. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months just to find out if you have won. You can also become a member at 24H Vina. Once you become a member of the lottery syndicate, you are given access to lottery statistics and predictions.

Option of multiple games

Another thing you will find with www Vina is that they offer a number of different Vietnamese lottery games. All the results of the popular Vietnam lottery are available at this site. If you want to participate in these lottery games to win jackpot prizes, you can check the statistics on Vina 24com. It will help you to easily predict the winning numbers. 

If you are looking for a way to spend your Sunday nights, Vina 24 Vina is a great place to start. You don’t need to travel to your local agent to play the lottery to check the results. You can use this site to check the results as well as use the statistics to play the online Vietnamese lottery from Cambodia.

Features of Vina24H Lottery:

Here are some of the features you can enjoy at the Vina 42 live lottery platform.

  • Live Lottery Results:

The best feature of Vina24H com m Vina is that you will be able to check live lottery results online for free. You don’t need to go to the dealer or agent to check the results. You can simply check the results online on this site. Moreover, you can check the results by choosing the province and date. It will help you to know whether you have won a lottery or not. You can check past lottery results as well as live results.

  • Results Book:

At this site, you can find a results book feature. It contains all the Vietnam nationwide lottery results. Here, you will be able to check the results of the last 50 lotteries drawn in Vietnam. It will help you to make a prediction as well.

  • Statistics Pro:

This feature helps you to gain access to lottery statistics. You need to create a Pro account and log in to www Vina com 24H to check the statistics Pro. You can use the statistics for choosing lottery numbers.

  • Statistics Pro 2:

You can use this feature if you want advanced statistics for playing the Vietnam lottery. Here, you will get an advanced prediction of lottery numbers. You need a Pro account on Vina 42Hcom to gain access to the statistics. 

Live National Scores:

This feature helps you to check live nationwide lottery scores. You can check the live results of lotteries drawn in different provinces in Vietnam. You will be able to check the date, time as well as a lottery number. 

  • Mobile Version:

If you don’t want to access Vina com from your computer or laptop, you can choose the mobile version of the site. This way, you can easily check live lottery results from your phone.

  • Mobile App:

You can also download the www Vina com app on your android device. The APK file is available for free on many platforms. You can download it on your phone to check the results anytime via the app.

  • Support:

If you have any problems while accessing the website or logging into your Pro account, you can contact them for support. You can write an email to them, and they will get back to you with a solution.

How to Check Lottery Results at Vina Lottery?

If you want to check live results for all types of Vietnam lotteries, you can visit Vina 24m. Here you will find all the lottery results for free. Follow these steps to check the results.

Step 1: Visit Vina42H Website

The first thing you need to do is visit Vina24com. It will take you to the official website.

  • Step 2: Click on Results Book

Once you reach the site, you can click on Results Book to check the results of the last 50 nationwide lotteries. 

  • Step 3: Check Results

After that, you can select the date, month and check the province to know the lottery results. It will show you the winning numbers.

How to Check Lottery Statistics at Vina Com24?

You can also use Vina 24H com Soc Trang Vina24 to check lottery statistics. It will help you to get the correct prediction for the Soc Trang lottery in Vietnam. Here are the steps you need to follow to check lottery statistics.

Step 1: Visit Vina 24Vina

You need to visit the official Vina24H website to check Vietnam lottery statistics. 

  • Step 2: Create Pro Account

Once you reach the website, you need to create a Pro account. Enter your details and register your account. You need to pay for this account.

  • Step 3: Log in to Pro Account

After that, you need to log in to your Pro account to check lottery statistics and predictions.

  • Step 4: Check Pro and Pro 2 Lottery Statistics

Now, you can either choose Pro Statistics or Pro2 Statistics to check the lottery predictions. You can use these predictions to play lottery games and win prizes.

How to Download Vina24H Mobile App?

You can also download Vina App on your android phone or tablet if you don’t want to use the website. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Stage 1: Visit Website

The first thing you need to do is visit the website from your android device. You will find the download link on the site.

  • Stage 2: Download APK File

After that, you need to click on the APK file to download it on the phone for free.

  • Stage 3: Enable Sources

Once it is downloaded, you need to go to the phone setting and enable sources to install the file.

  • Stage 4: Install

Now, you can simply open the file and tap on install to install it on the android device.

  • Stage 5: Open and Use

In the end, you can click on the app icon to open it on your phone and check live Vietnam lottery results.